Recipe - Veggie Ragu


High 5 to one of my clients for sending me the picture of the Veggie-Ragu they made.


She made the recipe from the 'Delicious Magazine'.


Looks tasty and nutritious too with the nutritional values per 'serving' of:


- 341 calories 

- 14.2g protein

- 8.6g fat (1.1g saturated)


High 5,




The 3-Legged Stool of Health

There are 3 key, inter-linked elements to living a healthy, happy and balanced life. These are 

- Exercise

- Nutrition

- Sleep/Rest

If any of these 3 elements are missing or not 'working' properly then we lose balance. Degree Search have produced this detailed, concise and informative infographic which has tips and advice on how to maintain balance in our lives and how we can exercise better, eat better and sleep better.

How Much Is a Pound of Fat?

It is a well known fact that to lose weight and 'just' 1 pound of fat, we have to burn or create a deficit of about 3,500 calories. This can be achieved through a mixture of exercise and diet. 

Exercise needs to be an aspect of our lifestyle alomgside healthy nutritional choices - exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and compliment each other. There are no quick ways and fixes to losing belly fat. Reducing the size of abdominal fat cells requires more than just cutting calories and therefore exercise should be a part of the equation.

Better Breakfasts with Protein-Rich Eggs

A study published in the International Jounal of Obesity suggests that eating an egg first thing each morning for breakfast could help with limiting our calorie intake throughout the rest of the day. The study reported that leucine, which is an essential amino acid found in high quality protein such as eggs, most likely gives a weight loss advantage when dieting by helping to decrease our loss of lean muscle tissue, whilst also increasing our loss of body fat and stabilising blood glucose levels.

4 Easy Diet Changes to Help Kickstart Your Weight Loss

Positive Health Wellness have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with images of 4 changes to our daily diet that we can make to help that we can do everyday to help boost our weight loss goals. This infographic was written by Karen Reed. The 4 diet changes are: 

Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Make Ahead

Positive Health Wellness have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with images of 7 'healthy' ideas for breakfast that we can make ahead to save time and ensure we make good nutritional choices. This infographic was written by Karen Reed. The 7 breakfast ideas are: 

- Granola Muffins

Pick your Hard

Th following is a blog from a friend of mine - Rachel Jillot - who wanted to share her thoughts and experiences on her health and fitness journey.

Thanks Rach. Keep up the  great work.

High 5,

Matt :-)


Carb Cycling for Weight Loss and Improved Fitness

Fix have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with tips and advice on carb cycling and How it may help us with our health and fitness and weight loss. This blog summarises the detailed article on carb cycling as written by Katy Widrick.

Staying Fit on Holiday

Going on a summer holiday is a great way to relax and have fun with family and have a break from work and enjoy life cal foods and drinks. However, we can still keep active and eat and drink healthily whilst on holiday and still enjoy ourselves.


eReplacement Parts have produced a definitive guide via an infographic on everything we need to know about eggs. This includes which eggs are best for baking, egg sizes and the nutritional content of eggs.


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