Personal Training

Personal Training in West Yorkshire

“Nutrition, Training and Recovery” are the 3 crucial strands that all of my personal training programmes are focused on.

I pride myself on educating clients so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals. I am a firm believer that in order to achieve long term, sustainable success it is crucial to develop a tailored programme that is challenging, enjoyable and progressive. I will lead you through your whole programme and you will receive constant guidance, advice and support both during and outside of our sessions.

I am passionate about making personal training accessible to all and showing clients that you do not need expensive gym equipment and memberships to achieve your goals. In fact, many of my clients have achieved their health and fitness goals by giving up their gym membership and simply training at home or in the great outdoors.

My training programmes are unique, inventive and set to your individual needs. You have to want to succeed, believe that you can and be prepared to challenge yourself.

My specialist personal training areas include:

  • Endurance and cardiovascular training
  • Fat burning
  • Home based training
  • Outdoors based training
  • Strength training
  • Sports specific training
  • Nutritional advice
  • Motivational and lifestyle strategies
  • Fitness training for children

The personal training process:

  1. No obligation consultation where we meet to discuss your aims and goals. We will complete a Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire and perform a Health Screening to determine your lifestyle; 
  2. Health and fitness test to give us a base to build your programme on;
  3. I then design you a progressive programme to help you achieve your goals and we then begin your journey.

personal trainer qualifications

"Matt made the sessions fun but also intense and always focused on our goals to encourage us. If anybody wants to get fit or improve their figure I would 100% encourage Matt's services."