Physical and Mental Benefits of exercising outside

As a Personal Trainer I am passionate about helping others to get more active and using the ‘outdoor’ gym via ‘green’ exercise. There are many physical and mental benefits of exercising outside in the fresh air and natural environment during winter, which I have found both personally and whilst training with my clients.

Physical Benefits
Exercising outdoors is associated with the following physical benefits:
- Increased Energy and Get-up-and-Go

- Increased Calorie Burn from the wind resistance, uneven terrain, slopes etc which challenges our bodies to work harder

- Teaching and challenging our bodies to adapt to the constantly changing environment and terrain.Our bodies will hit hills and different surfaces (mud, concrete, gravel) and thus have to flex limbs in different ways to handle it

- Extra Vitamin D - essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system - which is produced naturally in the skin when exposed to sunlight

- Saving money as exercising outdoors does not require a gym membership and is free

- Promoting us to adhere to more regular exercise

Mental Benefits
Exercising outdoors is associated with improving the following mental/emotional feelings:
- Revitalisation and Vitality

- Happiness, cheerfullness and elevated mood from the feel-good endorphins and chemical serotonin

- Self-esteem and Confidence

- Connecting with our community/neighbourhood and socially interacting more with others when outside exercising

- Spending quality time with our family - playing at the playground, walking, riding bikes etc are ways to be active with our family
Exercising outdoors is associated with lowering the following mental/emotional feelings:
- Tension, Stress and Anxiety

- Depression and Unhappiness

- Boredom because exercising outdoors provides different scenery, environment and varied surroundings

- Mindless and monotonous exercise - cycling outdoors makes us focus more than riding a static bike indoors.

Therefore, please get out in the ‘Green Gym’ this winter by running, walking, cycling etc. It is great both physically and mentally. If you want any help, advicd or ideas then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Matt Swierzynski is a Personal Trainer based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and is passionate about helping others to get more active. Matt also works online and provides online training services to clients throughout the UK.
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