Gym Ideas that you need to know before enrolling at a gym

If the school is popular as a second home, why should a gym enthusiast not call a gym, their only home or a magical island? A gym is a place where a person comes with strong determination, hopes, desires and plentiful of wishes. But the question is do all those who take gym membership turn out an athlete? The answer is definitely no.

How to Create Your Own Private Gym on a Budget

The following is an informative and beneficial article from Kettlebell Kings which is a premium-quality kettlebell and kettlebell content provider, based in Austin, Texas. This article discusses and suggests ways to create a gym and training venue in our own private environment.

The future of the fitness industry is specialist

I was pleased to be approached by Sree Subramaniam of Traffic Jam Media with regard to contributing to an article and providing expert opinion on the need for specialist fitness qualifications for PTs. 

Physical and Mental Benefits of exercising outside

As a Personal Trainer I am passionate about helping others to get more active and using the ‘outdoor’ gym via ‘green’ exercise. There are many physical and mental benefits of exercising outside in the fresh air and natural environment during winter, which I have found both personally and whilst training with my clients.

Physical Benefits
Exercising outdoors is associated with the following physical benefits:
- Increased Energy and Get-up-and-Go

5 Top classes & machines in the gym at DW Sports

DW Sports asked if Matt Swaz Fitness would do a blog on the Top 5 classes and machines in the gym at DW Sports. It makes for an informative and beneficial read. Thank you to Gemma Jones from DW Sports for providing the following:


5 Top classes & machines in the gym at DW Sports

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