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Give it a Go - Lunges

Lunges will help to build up your lower body strength, provide a great core workout and challenge your Cardiovascular System. Lunges don't require any equipment, you don't need much room and they can be performed anywhere and varied in so many ways.

Please see my Matt Swaz Fitness Video on how to perform lunges.

Poor lunge technique is common, and can result in knee, ankle, hip and/or lower back injuries. The following are a few tips on how to perform the lunges safely and correctly

Success Traits: Positive Thinker, Believer and Confident

From my experience training and working with clients, I have observed and analysed what I feel are the personal characteristics that will go some way to helping you achieve your goals. These ‘characteristics’ are not a list of what you should possess, but are merely the traits that my most successful clients (and by this I mean those that have achieved their individual goals) have. They are the attributes that I have seen displayed consistently and on a regular basis by my clients.

Personal Training

Bikini season may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up and dive into the crisps and chocolate. Winter or summer, maintaining a healthy fitness level year round allows you to avoid the spring binge diet rush and feel all the benefits of an active lifestyle. But sometimes it’s hard: as days draw shorter the settee becomes comfier and when it’s cold and rainy it’s so much easier to stay near the radiator.


"Matt made the sessions fun but also intense and always focused on our goals to encourage us. If anybody wants to get fit or improve their figure I would 100% encourage Matt's services."
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