Chris R

I first decided to contact Matt after taking a look at my exercise routines and realising that I was getting nowhere. Like most people I had tried going to the gym and found that the progress I was making was minimal, if at all.

After contacting Matt, we met up for a consultation and then for a fitness test. I was initially a little nervous because I knew that my fitness level was certainly below average. But these feelings disappeared within minutes as it became clear that Matt tailors each session towards each individual and he has a calming approach. He sets the pace for your workout and there is no better feeling in the world than surpassing your previous limitations.              

In the time I have worked with Matt I have seen improvements far beyond anything I could have hoped for from my upper body strength to my fitness. When working with Matt it seems that notable improvements come each session. I feel so much fitter now than I ever have before and it is solely down to Matt’s ability to keep each session challenging, varied and fun, as well as keeping me motivated.

I’m currently a University student and have found Matt’s sessions provide a welcome break from sitting in a library. Training outside is great. Matt has shown me endless ways to get active and a great workout at home or in the great outdoors for instance using park benches, railings, grass banking’s etc. This helps when training around the sessions as I can easily work on the same things without the need for expensive gym equipment.

I would recommend Matt’s training to anyone, regardless of your fitness level; there is benefit to be gained by working with Matt. The level of professionalism Matt brings to every session is amazing and the most important thing for me to say is that you don’t just gain a trainer. You gain the ability to achieve your fitness goals, you gain the information to make healthier lifestyle choices and last but not least, you gain a lasting friend.