Personal Trainers - Think You Could Cut It?

"The following infographic outlines the current position of the personal training sub-sector of the health and fitness industry. The graphic presents the range of opportunities available for skilled and qualified personal trainers operating in the UK. The statistics presented have been obtained from a variety of credible and independent sources which are each referenced at the foot of the infographic itself". This infographic has been compiled by Health & Fitness Education (HFE).

For me - being a Personal Trainer is an awesome 'job' - it's a hobby and passion to me. The infographic is thought-provoking and provides some great statistics. It shows some great trends in the industry including the value of the Health and Fitness market, rate of growth and average salary rates. It's brilliant working with a wide range of clients and motivating, inspiring and educating them to change their lives and to live a more active lifestyle. If this infographic inspires more people to train to be high quality and professional Personal Trainers and thus promote a more active lifestyle amongst the nation then great.

Personal training Infographic


Personal Trainer: Think You Could Cut It? – An infographic by the team at HFE

Thanks to Joe Hurley from Health & Fitness Education (HFE) for sharing the infographic with me. You can see it on their website here:

Keep on living life in the active lane,


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