As a Personal Trainer, one of the common ‘reasons’ I hear from people for not exercising is ‘I don’t have the time’.

With this in mind, I have developed a community hashtag on twitter called the #1MinuteChallenge. The objective of the #1MinuteChallenge is to:

1) Show that you do not need much time to get a great workout – in this case 1 minute,

2) Challenge people to work at a higher intensity in a short space of time,

3) Allow people to join a network of like-minded, motivated people who are determined to get fitter/stronger/healthier and

4) Encourage and inspire people to compete against themselves and others to improve their exercise results each month.

The #1MinuteChallenge is based on a different exercise every month. The aim is to see how many reps of an exercise you can do in 1 minute with correct form and movement. As a minimum, aim to complete the #1MinuteChallenge at least 2-3 times per week. Ideally, aim to complete the #1MinuteChallenge every day - it only takes 1 minute. It is a great way to get a challenging workout in just 1 minute. If you don't believe that you can get an intense workout in 1 minute - just give the #1MinuteChallenge a go. Work as intensely as you can for the full 1 minute and enjoy the inspiring workout.

Please see the bank of #1MinuteChallenge exercises that we have been challenging ourselves with each month.

All you have to do is commit 1 minute of your time to the challenge and give it your best shot. Then record your results and post them on twitter with the hashtag #1MinuteChallenge. The aim is to improve on the number of repetitions you can do as the month progresses. The challenge is open to anybody - spread the word - get friends, family, colleagues etc involved. Encourage and inspire others to take up the challenge and turn it into friendly competition. Be proud of your results and use it as added motivation to improve each time you do the #1MinuteChallenge

Anybody can commit 1 minute - whether it be each day, every other day. Spend 1 less minute watching TV, playing on the computer, texting on your phone etc. See it as an investment in your health. You can do the #1MinuteChallenge as soon as you get up in the morning, whilst on your lunch break, as part of your warm up etc. You will get a great workout at a high intensity in 1 minute.

By joining in with the #1MinuteChallenge you will be joining a team, a community of like-minded motivated and determined people. You can track your progress as the month progresses and you can compare your results against others. Crucially, you will get support and motivation from others. You can encourage and inspire others to join the #1MinuteChallenge. Spread the word and join the #1MinuteChallenge team.

Let’s see where the #1MinuteChallenge takes us and who joins the team. We will support, challenge and encourage each other and celebrate each of our progresses. Whenever you have done the chosen monthly exercise just use the hashtag #1MinuteChallenge and let’s see how many people we can get involved. I am open to people’s ideas and thoughts on how to make the #1MinuteChallenge fun, varied, challenging and as a means to improve health and fitness. As the community grows and expands we could have a vote on the exercise to be chosen for the month, we could have different levels of the chosen monthly exercise e.g. basic lunge, lunge jump etc.

Take pride in the #1MinuteChallenge and being part of the team,

Live life in the active lane,



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