Lucy H

Having had 2 children in fairly quick succession it is fair to say I had been feeling pretty self-conscious and was worried about my lack of fitness when I started working with Matt. However Matt has been absolutely fantastic at building up my confidence and enabling me to start on the road back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level. He has brilliant energy and even when I have been grumbling throughout the session he always make me feel a great sense of a achievement by the end of it. He has been brilliant at planning sessions to push me just far enough and I feel that my fitness level has really improved. He has also been really accommodating as I bring my baby with me each week, so he always incorporates exercises that use my pram. My little one loves being out and about and Matt is great with him! I can't recommend Matt highly enough to new mums who want to get their fitness back.

Matt is one of those likeable guys who instantly makes you feel at ease. I'm always surprised that the end of the session has come round so quickly and he's got me to run up hills, do squats and lunges, and I barely realise that I am doing them (until the next day!). Matt is always there with a big grin, some form of bright luminous clothing, and encouraging words, you can't help enjoy working out with him.

Good job Matt, high 5!