Give it a Go - Skipping Basic

Skipping is a great whole body exercise, which will challenge your Cardiovascular System and work your upper body and lower body muscles. Whilst your leg muscles are working hard by jumping up and down, your arms, chest, shoulders and abdominals are getting a fantastic workout too. Being able to skip correctly is a great test of your strength, cardiovascular fitness and is something many people struggle with.

Skipping is a brilliant compound exercise because it utilises a wide range of upper, mid and lower body muscles and joints.

Skipping will help you to burn calories, is also good fun and will develop your co-ordination, agility, power and balance. Are you up for a challenge?

Skipping doesn't require much equipemnt - a rope or washing line will suffice, you don't need much room and it can be performed anywhere and varied in so many ways. If you’re short of time to exercise, Skipping will take care of that and work you - if done correctly.

Poor technique is common when people do Skipping, don't rush the exercise at the expense of form - you won't get the full benefit of the exercise. Too often people try to do tricks or get fancy with skipping before mastering the basics. The following are a few tips on how to perform skipping safely and correctly:

  • Begin by standing with feet alomost together, chest and head lifted and abdominals contracted. Stand with a tall but relaxed posture.
  • Elbows remain roughly at waist level with arms extended sideways at approximately a 90 degree angle. Hold the rope loosely and use a circular motion with the wrists to turn the rope.
  • As you swing the rope up and over your body, jump up on the balls of the feet for the rope to pass under the feet. As a guide aim to turn the rope over for one full revolution every 1 second.
  • Using a smooth motion, breathe naturally.
  • Avoid letting your rope catch on the floor too much or your timing getting mixed up.

As a starter, aim to complete 30 seconds and see if you can do this 2-3 times. If you can't don't worry. Build up to it. You are best doing 10 correct Skips with safe and proper technique to work the targeted muscles rather than 15 incorrect ones.

In future blogs, I will suggest ways that you can make the Skipping more challenging or if needed a little easier. For instance, you can criss-cross the rope or do double jumps etc.

Please remember to warm up thoroughly before exercising and to speak to your GP before starting any exercise programme. Should you require any help, advice or information please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to discuss with you the tried and tested methods and lifestyle changes that I have developed to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Keep up the great work,

Live life actively,


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