#1MinuteChallenge for February - Squats

Who is up for a challenge? Who is ready to test themselves?

Starting in February, I am going to start a '1 Minute Challenge' based on a different exercise each month.

The aim is to see how many reps of an exercise you can do in 1 minute with correct form and movement. As a minimum, aim to complete the '1 Minute Challenge' at least once per week. Ideally, aim to complete it 3 times per week on different days e.g. 1 minute on Monday, Wedensday and Friday. If you commit to doing the '1 Minute Challenge' once per day as a way of getting active then great.

All you have to do is commit 1 minute of your time to the challenge and give it your best shot. Then record your results and post them on my Facebook page (Matt Swaz Fitness) or on my twitter page (@mattswazfitness) with the hastag #1MinuteChallenge. The aim is to improve on the number of repetitions you can do as the month progresses. The challenge is open to anybody - spread the word - get friends, family, colleagues involved. Encourage others to take up the challenge and turn it into friendly competition. Be proud of your results and use it as added motivation to improve each time you do the '1 Minute Challenge'.

Anybody can commit 1 minute - whether it be each day, every other day or as a minimum once per week. Spend 1 less minute watching TV, playing on the computer etc. See it as an investment in your health. You can do the '1 Minute Challenge' as soon as you get up in the morning, whilst on your lunch break etc. You will get a great workout at a high intensity in 1 minute. The aim is to highlight the fact that 'you' do not need much time to get a great workout.

For February, the '1 Minute Challenge' is based on squats. Please see my 'Give it a Go - The Squat' exercise series on how to perform the squat: http://mattswaz.co.uk/personal-trainer-blog/give-it-go-squat

I will be posting regular reminders of the '1 Minute Challenge' and look forward to seeing your results and improvement as the month progresses. So get squatting for February and keep an eye out for the March '1 Minute Challenge'.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Enjoy the challenge, Matt


40 done

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