Water, Water and more Water

The following is a guest blog from David Mendel who runs a Health and Fitness website from New York, USA called Fitness Hook.

As we all have heard, it’s very import to drink lots of water and it is important to know what drinking the proper amount of water does for the body:

  • Natural thirst returns to normal
  • Your metabolic functions improve
  • Your blood volume is maintained
  • Your fluid retention is elevated
  • Your liver function improves which increases the amount of fat used for energy.
  • Your appetite decreases significantly
  • Nutrients are distributed throughout the body better
  • Your body temperature regulations improve


So what does this all mean for someone that is working out to lose weight?  As you can see it is a very important component in the overall process.  Drinking water really does have a significant effect on weight loss.  

Therfore, it is crucial to mention what dehydration can do to the body and the muscles:

  • It decreases blood volume, which will increase heart rate.
  • It will decrease the overall performance and can cause sodium retention.
  • Your blood pressure decreases which can lead to a decrease in the heart’s output.
  • Your sweat rate decreases, which can lead to a decrease in blood flow to the skin.
  • The overall body temperature increases which leads to the increase of perceived exertion.


So yes, water is very important to consume on a daily bases.  No matter if you are working out, want to lose weight or just stay healthy, water is that lifeblood to keeping things in the proper working form.  Lets drink water to that.

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