Sports Massage for Runners

Sports massage for runners

I was delighted to be approaced by Ben Pianese from Massaggi, a top Sports Massage business based in London, with regard to sharing expert advice on sports massage and how it can improve our health and wellbeing. The focus of this quality article is sports massage and the benefit for runners. It's a great read and very informative.

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                                                        Sports Massage for Runners

As an active runner, telling you that sports massage should be a part of your routine is simply saying the obvious truth. It has proved to be very helpful for both athletes and every individual that engage in regular physical activities.

Not only does sports massage feels great for runners, but it can also help prevent injury, speed up recovery, reduce muscles soreness, as well as promote healing of injuries. Using sports massage both before and after an exercise or sports events can guarantee you an improved performance while it also helps you avoid sustaining an injury.
However, despite the numerous benefits locked up in sports massage, only a few runners are actually enjoying it. You don’t have to be injured before you get a sports massage.

What Exactly Is a Sports Massage?
A sports massage is typically a combination of several massage techniques developed to help athletes get their bodies prepared for optimal performance, to function well during training or recover after a big event. But as against what the name suggests, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage.  
It involves manipulating the body’s soft tissues to help support individuals who partake in regular physical activities. 
Soft tissue includes our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. Sports massage works to correct any issues within that tissue that might have occurred as a result of our physical activities or injury. 

How Can Sports Massage Help Runners?
 Sports massage works through a combination of physiological, physical, and psychological processes. Below are some of the ways sports massage benefits runners:

#1: it improves athletic performance
You want to continually see improvements, that is why you train day and night without relenting. When you have a good sports massage, it helps you feel lighter, more flexible, and of course, more powerful. It will also help address all of those nagging pains and aches, helping to cut down the chances of injury.

#2: it can help prevent injury
The major reason runners have sports massage is to help their tendons, muscles, and joints move through their proper range of motion and remain in optimum shape. You can think of it as your regular pre-workout exercise you do to warm up your joints and make your muscles pliable. 
Regularly scheduling sports massages could help cut down the chances of injury and also reduce the likelihood of injury recurrence. If you live in or around London and always have soft-tissue injuries like sprains, strains, and stress injuries, I will recommend you treat with a good sports massage London you can find. 

#3: it can help increase blood flow
Sports massage can help increase blood flow to a particular area of your body, and when there is an increased blood flow, it becomes easier to have healing in such area. That is a better way to rejuvenate injured or fatigued muscles.

#4: it can help reduce pain
Sports massage for runners knees has been known to help reduce pain in such knees when recovering. Sports massage is great for promoting proper healing of scar tissue and also gives a soothing effect on injured areas.

#5: it promotes relaxation and focus
Sports massage can help put you in a good psychological state before your next race by helping to decrease stress and increase your focus. You also need to have a feel of the brisk movements of the massage to see how invigorated it can leave you.

#6: it is great for post-race recovery
If you are looking to hasten the recovery and healing process after an intense race, sports massage can come handy by helping to dissolve waste fluids like lactic acid and other waste products caused by overuse or a slight tear in the muscle. That is one of the benefits of sports massage for runners anyway.

 When Should I Get a Sports Massage?
Because an individual’s response to massage differs, I will recommend you try one at different times in your training. That way, you can be sure of knowing the just what is best for you. Nevertheless, from the experience of most people, the post-race or post-long workout time has proved to be the most favorable. That doesn’t mean getting a massage before your race is not good.

While pre-race massage stimulates your muscles, the post-race massage comes more as a cool-down or recovery massage.

How Often Should I Get a Sports Massage?
While runners may give themselves self-massage from time to time, it is ideal you get one sports massage every week on the average or on a minimum of one every month. Does that seem extreme? Remember massages go a long way to help you avoid injury and remain fit for every race.

How Do I Choose a Massage Therapist?Having tried many therapists over the years, I found only a few of them to be up to the task. And one thing that is common to this few is that they are all active. Active therapists seem to be the best because can actually relate well to injuries and other challenges you may be facing as a runner.

When the therapist is also a runner or participates in one active sport or the other, it becomes much easier for him to fell what exactly it is you are experiencing, both emotionally and physically. This is one reason I will never forget to stop by Massaggi sports massage anytime I am in London.

Massaggi has proved to many residents of London, including athletes to be the best sports massage London. The professionalism at which Ben Pianese handles massage baffles me. He does not only work on the problems of clients but also suggests a lot of habitual activities to effectively realize the treatment. That way, you can be sure he knows exactly what he is doing.

It is ideal when a therapist is willing to work with other sports-minded health care professionals like podiatrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc so when you are choosing the best therapist for yourself, be sure to watch out for this.

Sports massage is vital for every serious runner to be the best they can, so don’t hesitate to schedule yourself for a massage today! 


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