Inspiring exercise moment - Steep hill climbing challenge

For me being a Personal Trainer is the greatest 'job' in world. It does not feel like 'work'. Getting paid for something I genuinely enjoy doing - exercise and fitness is my hobby - and crucially making a difference to people's lives. It is a great feeling knowing I am helping, supporting and inspiring clients to change their lives and to live more active and healthy lifestyles.

Today – as always – was a busy and action packed day. Lots of cycling, running, power walking and circuits including press ups, lunging and squats. Living life in the active lane.

I wanted to share with you an inspiring exercise moment from training with one of my regular and inspiring clients this evening. We were training in the ‘outdoorgym’. The training session centered on running and power walking and getting a great CV workout with a steep hill climb up fields and over walls/styles to the summit of Castle Hill.

Whilst out power walking and running – my client had got into the zone – and was building up a consistent and regular pace on the flat part of the run. We had been power walking and running for about 20 minutes when we came to the bottom of a steep hill climb (approximately 10% gradient)  that comprised of 3 fields with walls and styles to climb over and a steep bank at the summit. The challenge to my client was to get to the top of hill. The client in question after a few deep breathes, set off on their uphill walking challenge with their usual enthusiasm, energy and desire.

Soon, they were into a fluent, regular walking action – with consistent arm and leg drive and head lifted looking forward – powering through with each stride. I could see the determination and desire in their face to achieve their uphill challenge. The effort and hard work they had to put in was inspiring and made me proud. Along the uphill route to the summit of Castle Hill there were 3 steep fields to climb/walk up. “That’s 1 field completed, 2 more to go”, “That’s 2 fields completed, 1 more to go”,  etc I said to my client. As we got closer to the ‘summit’ the hill got steeper with a grassy banking at the top but my client maintained the positive and forward walking action. They were in the zone, not talking just focusing on the running. My client’s legs were tired & muscles aching, their heart rate was elevated and sweat dripping off of their forehead.

People sat at the summit of the hill on a bench all looked at my client climbing up the hill in amazement. My client really was setting an inspiring example to others – to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

For the final 30 meters (approximately), we had one last push to get to the top of the hill. We made it. My client was relieved, tired but most importantly proud and satisfied at their efforts. We gave a big ‘High 10’ to celebrate getting to the top of the hill. What a great achievement – I was proud and inspired. Just shows what we can achieve by being focused, in the zone and challenging ourselves. Well done. More inspiring and amazing was the fact that we still had another 30 minutes of running and walking to go before the training session was complete – as you can imagine my client successfully achieved this and had a well-earned stretch.

It’s always great to hear peoples inspiring exercise achievements and workouts. Please share and spread the get active inspiration.

Live life in the active lane,


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