Crushed - 100% Fast Fruit Snack

Crushed - 100% Fruit Pouches

Matt Swaz Fitness recently approached the team at Crushed ( about snding me some of their 100% 'Fast Fruit Snacks' for me try. The 2 flavours that I received were:

- Apple & Strawberry (69 calories)

- Apple & Banana (81 calories)

The service and efficiency provided by Crush was fantatsic, as the products arrived within 2 days of ordering, very promt and punctual.

The Fruit pouches are delicious and tasty and nutritious. They are easy and ideal to carry around in a bag or lunch box and for me as an active Personal Trainer they were great to 'snack' on in between clients for extra energy. What I really liked about the products was that I did not have to carry a spoon and bowl around to consume it and they are non-messy and easy to drink.

As Crushed say 'fruit salad in your pocket' and 'squeeze your way to 5-a-day'.

I would definitly recommend the Crushed Fruit Snack Pouches to anyone as a great tasty, nutritous and convenient non-messy way to get on of your 5-a-day.

High 5,



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