Why You're Not Losing Weight On Your Diet?

Why You're Not Losing Weight On Your Diet?

Weight loss is always a problem for most people. The more you try the harder it becomes, even with reputable weight loss programs and exercise. However, that does not mean that you give up, as there might be some other reasons slowing you down apart from your diet.

You can check out more information here, but for now, let us see some of the other reasons why you are not losing weight on your diet.

1. You Lack Enough Sleep

Sleep, as mundane as it seems is very important in one’s life. The more you sleep, the better your health. Moreover, research has found out that the less you sleep the more likely you will gain weight.

Besides, losing sleep also makes you hungry even if you are not. Likewise, when you are tired you might lose time, move around less and even skip your exercise routines thus making it hard to burn more calories as expected.

Therefore, enough sleep 7-8 hours is highly recommendable if you want to lose weight, as it affects your physical well-being as well as mental health. If you deprive yourself of it, then be ready to feel confused, cranky, depressed and even angry all the time.

2. You Are Stressed

Stress and weight gain often go hand in hand. This is because when you are under too much stress your appetite increases and you end up eating a lot, thus making it hard to keep your weightin check.

In relation, you are likely to crave for sweet sugary food better known as comfort foods to make you feel better. This can make you skip your well-elaborated weight loss diet and even exercise routine.

Therefore, it is better to stay stress-free, be calm, breathe, meditate once a while, and choose a stress-relieving exercise to keep you occupied.

3. Eating Too Much

Even though, you might be on a weight loss diet. At times, it can be hard to know how many calories you are eating versus the calories you are burning. It is easy to underestimate how many calories you are eating. As keeping track of your daily meals can be hard, especially for those who love to eat out.

However, you can quickly hack this by analyzing your diet and determining how many calories you actually need for a healthy life, or just keep a food diary. Otherwise, you might end up eating everything and anything just because it is labeled organic and healthy.

4. Inconsistent Workout Routine

Exercising is also another important aspect of losing weight. You need the right one and you need to follow it to the end. Otherwise, nothing will work out and you will end up moving from one diet plan to the other.

Experts always recommend a 60-90 minute daily workout, but for the high-intensity workouts, you can give it 30 minutes a day.

However, you should start lower if you are a newbie, there is no way you will make any progress by starting to workout 2 hours a day, you will just tire yourself for nothing.

Therefore, for a perfect workout out a routine that can help you lose weight, start small and increase your time and intensity by weeks and months.

5. You Enjoy Weekend Treats 

Enjoying yourself during the weekends or special occasions is not a bad idea. However, what matters is what you eat, as you might end up treating yourself too much thus hurting your workout and your weight loss goal.

Nonetheless, you can plan for your weekend getaways withproper diet and workout routines or sports.

The point is you should try to avoid rewarding yourself withfood every now and then just because you feel you have sacrificed a lot and you need the treat. Likewise, avoid free for all weekend treats and choose a healthy treat. This way you keep track of your diet very well, at home or on the road. 


Conclusively, you need a proper diet and workout routine, in order to achieve your weight loss goal. However, you still need to keep your life intact and this involves physical and mental health.

You cannot just go on a diet to lose weight without evaluating the other parts of your life from sleep, exercise routine, leisure time, and even friends your keep.

So now, you know why you might not be losing weight, it is not about the diet only but much more. You can research more bad habits that are inhibiting your weight loss diet. 


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