Alex R

I am sure we have all done it. Wake up 1st January and decide my New Year’s Resolution is to get fit. After 3 weeks thinking about what class you’re going to join, attend twice and something else more important than the class comes along, you immediately get out of the habit of going and stop. I’m no different.

Then it got to Lent the other “I’m going to” period but this time it was different. I had a big conference approaching and I’d gone up a dress size.

Very disappointed with myself, Matt was recommended to me. Considering the big conference I bit the bullet and got in touch. Matt first came to visit me to discuss what it was I wanted out of the training sessions and to discuss ideas to make my lifestyle more active and nutritious.

The first session was a fitness test. To say I was nervous about that first session would be an understatement I couldn’t sleep and didn’t eat. After the test Matt was very pleased with my performance but politely told me off about my eating habits. We all know we are supposed to have breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day but for me breakfast is too early and food is the enemy.

Next question from Matt after the session was. What are you going to eat now? My answer. Nothing. That was the wrong answer too. He insists I eat something after each training session to aid my recovery and progress. The next news. You will get fitter but you might not necessarily lose ‘weight’ on the scales. Not what a girl wants to hear.

Over the weeks that followed I have got used to fitting in breakfast and am now feeling more energetic for the day ahead.

Since training with Matt, I have got less nervous and my confidence has grown and sometimes I have developed a stich not just from exercise but from laughing. Each session has been challenging but varied so I haven’t got bored like when I have done a step class and Matt makes it fun too as well as hard work.

Matt also likes you to keep in touch via texts/email/phone calls. This is something I found difficult at first but now completely understand why and see the value of it. It makes me think about what I have (or have not done!!) exercise why and to analyse my progress.

I have found myself talking excessively about the ‘PT’ as I refer to Matt when I tell people what I’ve been up to and now everyone who now knows me askes how things are going. So what happened with regards to my goal since training with Matt? Well I am now much fitter and I have dropped a dress size. Result.

Thank you Matt for putting up with me and here’s to the next challenge.