What Are the Top Reasons for Opting for Weighted Blanket Therapy?

Weighted blanket therapy is recommended not only for kids and autistic people, but it could be beneficial to adults as well, with or without any special needs. Weighted blankets would help in positively impacting anxiety, sleep, sensory issues, autism, and ADHD. Weighted blanket therapy has been in vogue since the past few decades. However, the use of weighted blankets hasbeen somewhat restricted to the special needs people especially, kids with special needs. However, this definitely does not automatically imply that weighted blankets are of no use to adults.

As per https://harkla.co, “Weighted blankets offer proprioceptive or deep touch pressure (DTP), also called Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT), to the body. Since we know that proprioceptive, deep touch pressure helps to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate some brain functions, weighted blankets are used to help with sensory modulation and regulation.” You would come across various tools like weighted lap pads and weighted vests that are known to be providing DTP but are generally used during the day. Here are the main reasons to opt for weighted therapy.

For Improving or Promoting Sleep

In this digital era, people are used to tension-filled hectic lifestyles and they literally are having a tough time because of sleep deprivation. Weighted blankets are known to boost serotonin in your body. Serotonin is supposed to be the most crucial chemical that is primarily responsible for easing your tension, regulating your mood, and ensuring relaxation.Serotonin helps your body to manufacture melatonin that transmits messages to your body once it is time to go off to sleep. The weighted blanket helps to put you to sleep faster as it uses the DPT or the Deep Pressure Touch that helps an adult to doze off faster and remain asleep for a longer period. You may start using a weighted blanket, also referred to as an anxiety blanket, if you wish to experience sound sleep at night.

Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Weighted blankets are used as an effective calming effect on people with stress and anxiety issues. Weighted blanket therapy could be used as an effective way of managing bouts of anxiety,excessive stress, depression, and frequent autism-associated challenges like overstimulation, meltdowns, or handling atypical sensory behaviors. Weighted blankets help parents hugely in managing sensory overload symptoms. Weighted blankets are great in such cases because of their grounding and calming effects. They help in creating a sense of security.

Conclusion: In Treating a Host of Conditions

The effective use of weighted blanket therapy helps in improved serotonin production that is known to alleviate issues such as depression, OCD, aggression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD etc. The weighted blankets are a wonderful alternative to medication therapy as some of the medicines are not suitable for treating certain cases or every individual. As kids with autism would be thriving only on routines, you could incorporate a weighted blanket into their schedule for letting them know and understand when it is the right time for transition.


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