Andy K

I’ve been a client of Matt’s for 18 months and have seen my levels of fitness and motivation increase significantly in this time – I’m now training for my first ever marathon, something I never thought I could achieve. Throughout the time of our working together, Matt has moved from a personal trainer to a personal friend. His sessions are always valuable and I’ve never had the same session twice which has kept my levels of motivation and enthusiasm high. His service has been fantastic, combining driving me on with a high level of fun and enjoyment, alongside a sense of teamwork and belief.

I 100% recommend his services to anyone thinking of working with a personal trainer. He is adaptable (he’s even provided the flexibility of being able to bring my 5 year old along when I’ve needed to and included him in our sessions – Matt’s one of his heroes now!), inventive, listens to you as client whilst still pushing you to be your best and will help you achieve whatever you set out to.