Think twice before deciding the treatment plan for aching tooth

Suffering from toothache is very painful. Prolonged toothacheleads to aching of the ear and the brain. The severity of pain is such that it can bring anyone down on knees. If an individual is suffering from toothache then getting the pending dentist’s appointment as soon as possible is highly advisable. Leaving or neglecting the pain can aggregate the cause making ittorturous. There are various reasons why one suffers from toothache. 

Primarily, a common question is that when does one feel the pain? One might feel severe pain while chewing the regular food or upon the application of pressure. In some cases there can be darkening of the tooth or prolonged pain upon contact with extreme temperatures like hot or cold. Also, there can be swelling of the nearby gums. In such cases what happens isthe pulp of our root starts decaying or spread infections; hence the severe pain. 

If the dentist confirms tooth decay or an infected root canal, then people may jump to the conclusion that only root canal treatment is necessary. Behold the thought! There is a lot of controversy around the subject of safety of the procedure. Doctors have believed that the infection in a tooth is the sole reason for certain life-threatening diseases. 

A treatment leading to another disease

A more intense study the patients have shown that many old root canals have proof of systemic influence. Bacteria or other micro-organisms have an important part to play in cases of chronic heart failure, arterial diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, eye or ear sinus problems and, respiratory problems as pneumonia and many other countless conditions. Such conditions arise due to, hidden dental infections that occur due to lack of proper cleaning at the extraction site during the procedure

These root canal infections rise from the anaerobic bacteriaafter being stuck in the tooth henceforth the root canal procedure. The bacterial pathogens cause inflammation and infection, and directly secreting toxins into the bloodstream and the surrounding tissues affecting systemic health. 

But the treatment eradicates the decaying pulp

The dentists try to sterilize the operating tooth and the surrounding area. But, it is impossible to completely sterilizethe area due to the continuous secretion of saliva and blood flowing out. As long as the anaerobic bacteria remains in the affected area, there will be a compromise with the natural defenses of the immunity system. The health of the teeth has a direct connection with the health and well-being of the entire body.

Dead tissues have always been the causes of numerous health issues. So, one cannot neglect a dead tooth. There are high probabilities of a missed crack during the procedure or usage of some faulty materials during the sealing of the tooth. These issues lead to other dental surgeries which one could have easily avoided.

All these certainly do not mean it will be the same for every individual; a lot depends on the nutrition and immune system of the individual. What the doctors are trying to say is that it is entirely impossible to make a dead tooth completely safe. 

The alternatives to root canal therapy. What are the options?

Principles of biologic dentistry and holistic care are the only moto at Rejuvenation Dentistry. The primary belief is to treat the root cause of the diseases of the mouth and not to treat the symptoms due to the disease. Oral health care is not entirely separate from the rest of the body. The whole body includesit as an integral part of the functioning of. 

It is better to follow a healthy oral care regime to prevent further dental problems and compromising the oral health of the mouth. It is mandatory to brush the teeth, the last activity of the day and another time during the day as suitable for the patient.

A patient with root canal treatment has to undergo some teststo see the aftereffects of the treatment. A thorough search is essential to be sure if there are any signs of inflammation, infections, cysts, andcavitation, which are the most probable after-effects. 

Brain abscess is likely to be another after-effect of the toxins secreting into the bloodstream. Virus, bacteria or fungi have the optimal opportunity to travel through the blood and settle in the brain. 

There are several spotting symptoms of brain abscess. Sensitivity to light, chills, fever, change in personal behavior, changes in vision, decreased sensation, the stiffness of the neck, loss of muscle function leading to decreased movements, increased levels of confusion, reduced irritabilityand decreased speech are a few symptoms noticeable. These noticeable symptoms are enough to suspect brain abscess.

The risk factors are high in case of suspicion of the disease. HIV or AIDS can easily affect compromising immune system day by day. Meningitis and middle ear infection follow closely.

The mouth is the mirror and the gateway to the issues building up in our body. Experts offer Zirconia dental implants as the alternative to root canals as it provides superior biocompatibility. It is vital to keep the tooth alive in the new treatment options that are available. Regenerative therapies that help in the regeneration of the tissues are the inclusions in the treatment. That revascularizes the pulp of the tooth whichwas once decaying.

The only concern is the wellbeing of the patient and leading a long healthy life smiling away to glory. A good health life starts with a good oral healthcare routine. As per the opinion of the medical professionals oral health care is only a part of the overall health care of the body. 

People avoid root canals because of the belief that there are other alternatives to fix the current dental problem. Every option should be equally explorable to lead a healthy, long smiling life.

The health problems may be building up over the years due to the toxins and can go undetected until it has immensely aggregated. So nipping it at the bud is a smarter option. In this case, if you are opting for the alternatives to root canal treatment. Think wise, act wiser.

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