Shoulder Presses

Give it a Go - Squat to Shoulder Press

Squats with Shoulder Presses will help to build up your lower and upper body strength, provide a great core workout and challenge your Cardiovascular System. Squats with Shoulder Presses is a challenging compound exercise because the exercise if done correctly utilises a wide range of upper, mid and lower body muscles and joints simultaneously.

Give it a Go - Shoulder Presses

Shoulder Presses are a great exercise for your upper and mid body, by working your triceps, shoulders and abdominals. Being able to do Shoulder Presses correctly is a great test of your strength and is something many people struggle with.

Shoulder Presses don't require much equipment (if you don't have any dumbbells you can use objects like food tins, water bottles or get somebody to carefully push down on your hands), don't need much room and they can be performed anywhere and varied in so many ways.

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