This image shows me Lunging whilst raising my arms to the side. Lunges provide a fantastic workout for the legs, hips and glutes and also for the core muscles. You can vary the lunge in so many ways, for instance, you can do them with your arms at your side, with your arms raised to the side (as in the image), with your arms above your head etc. Raising your arms whilst performing lunges challenges your core muscles to stabilise your body and provides a great workout for your Cardiovascular System. It also helps to develop your co-ordination and balance. Lunging is a great exercise to incorporate into a circuit training session. The key to it is to ensure you have a 90 degree bend in your front and back knee, that your back knee does not touch the floor and that your abdominals are braced and your chest lifted. As a starter aim to do 20-30 seconds of lunging on alternative sides 2-3 times. The image is only for illustrative purposes and obviously does not show the full sequence of the move. So please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require any help and advice.


Keep up the great work


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