Kettlebell Workouts for Men Series – Part 7

Kettlebell training has gained massive popularity in recent years and for good reason. The kettlebell is an extremely versatile piece of training equipment, and can be used to reduce body fat and build muscle mass. Amanda Perkins who works with Kettlebell Kings as a senior writer has written and developed a fantastic and informative series focused on different kettlebell workouts. This includes teaching points on how to perform each exercise successfully and safely and links to helpful video examples.

Workout Instructions
This is the seventh workout in our “Kettlebell Workouts for Men” series. This workout consists of five exercises with one modification tacked onto the kettlebell push-ups exercise. You’ll want two very heavy kettlebells and one moderately heavy kettlebell for this series. For the heavier kettlebells used for the farmer’s carry and kettlebell push-ups, we recommend men use 12 kg (26 lbs.) kettlebells. For the moderately heavy kettlebell used to perform the strict press, pistol squat, and Russian twists, we recommend men use a kettlebell at 8-10 kg (18-22 lbs.).

This workout is designed to target all of your major muscle groups while focusing specifically on your chest, quads, and core. Each movement is also geared to strengthen your back and stabilizer muscles to reduce the likelihood of injury and promote overall strength.

Each exercise is composed of three sets of 10-12 reps. Should you find that you’re able to perform this workout easily, increase the weights of each kettlebell by 3-5 lbs. or work high-intensity movements into the routine between sets. These could be jump rope exercises, split lunge-jumps, or burpees. To maintain a focus on kettlebells, your high-intensity movements could even include performing kettlebell swings with one of the moderately heavy kettlebells for a set of 15 reps and 5 sets.

Kettlebell Strict Press 

●     Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Hold the moderately heavy kettlebell beneath your chin by holding the handle. Use your other hand to support and balance the base until you’re ready to begin.

●     Drop the hand holding the base of the kettlebell to your side.

●     Keep your core tight and back straight as you push the kettlebell overhead until your arm is straight. Do not lock out your elbow.

●     Maintain control as you lower the kettlebell back to starting position beneath your chin. This is one rep.

●     Perform 12-15 reps with one arm and then do the same with the other. This is one set. Perform three sets.


Kettlebell Pistol Squat 

●     Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the heavy kettlebell beneath your chin with both hands around the handle.

●     Lift one leg off the floor while you move into a controlled squat. Your knee should not extend over your toes, and the leg you’re lifting outward should remain straight and extended.

●     Once the knee you’re bending is at 90 degrees, hold for a couple of seconds. At no point should the leg you’re extending touch the floor.

●     Push through your heel to return to starting position with your leg still off the ground. This is one rep.

●     Perform 12-15 reps on one leg before repeating using the other leg. This is one set. Perform three sets.


Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk 

●     Stand with two very heavy kettlebells of equal weight on either side of you on the floor.

●     Bend into a squat and grasp the handle of each with your palms facing toward your body.

●     Stand up and take small steps as quickly as you’re able for a short distance. Once you’ve reached your ending point, turn around and walk back to your starting point. This is one circuit.

●     Perform this circuit six times.

Video- Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk


Kettlebell Push-Ups (and Beyond) 

●     Move into push-up position with a kettlebell beneath each shoulder.

●     Raise yourself up into starting position. Each hand should be grasping a handle of the kettlebell.

●     Lower yourself, keeping your back and core straight, until your elbows are at 90 degrees.

●     Extend your arms and raise yourself back to starting position without locking out your elbows. This is one rep. Perform 12-15 reps for one set, and three sets to complete the exercise.

Video- Kettlebell Push-Ups


Advanced Option

●     If you find that you’re able to perform the kettlebell push-ups easily, consider flipping the kettlebells over and balancing them on their handles. You should not attempt this maneuver unless you’re very confident in your form.

●     Perform the same movements as above, except with your palms balancing on the bases of the kettlebells.


Russian Kettlebell Twists 

●     Seat yourself on the ground with your feet flat and knees and shins together. You should have the moderately heavy kettlebell sitting next to one of your sides.

●     Grasp the kettlebell by its handle with both hands and raise your feet a few inches off the floor. Balance to keep your back straight and at about 45 degrees to the ground. 

●     Keep your core tight and maintain control as you carry the kettlebell across your body to the opposite side. Repeat to bring yourself back to starting position. This is one rep.

●     Perform 15 reps for one set. Complete three sets.

Video- Russian Twist

Stretch after completing the circuit and cool down for 5-10 minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike to reduce your chances of sore muscles and injury.

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