How to Manage Debt Smartly and Keep Yourself Healthy?

The manageable debt would never interfere with your health. Manageable debt actually can help you live better. Actually, people do get involved in debt. People do have to take debt in many cases just to get some aid with finances and avoid any direct pressure on their budget. It happens with all. Whether you are a simple average man with average income living a middle-class life, or you are a multi-millionaire managing various industries and billion-dollar companies, you may take and may have taken loans on the various occasion of your life. Some take it in the name of personal expense, some do this for making property, and some do this to invest in lucrative schemes, etc., and some do this in the name of business startup or expansion. Reasons vary, but people do take loans to get ahead in life. And there are many reasons to take a loan, with two reasons heading the chart.

One big reason is the shortage of liquid cash at once, and the next big reason is time constraint which makes waiting to accumulate the cash a big gap between you and your goal. Both these reasons make for a good cause to take a loan. If this is about starting or expanding a business, then the lump sum amount you would have accumulated from savings in a few years, if taken now via a loan, can be utilized in a great way. This way you can start generating increased income to pay back the loan easily, and enjoy the business expansion and success. The only condition you have to keep with yourself while taking a loan is to pay it back on time and keep your life and health unaffected.

How and why people get indebted?

A close look into the lives of people reveals that much of the problems in life are due to financial pressure and imbalance. Nobody is happy with their finances in general. Very few people can say happily that their financial plans have worked out the way they wanted and that they are satisfied with their life and finance management. But this is not a common scenario. On watching closely, it's understood that bad financial planning, the lack of management and understanding, and the inability to handle debt and pay them back on time, all add up to cause the financial burden on the man.

While taking a loan for any reason is common, the inability to pay it back on time is also a common scenario which affects the lives of many. And in the whole process what you face in the outer world is serious and yet much smaller than what you face in your internal world and body. Financial burden and pressure, the realization of the challenges and inability to pay back loans on time, the struggle in everyday life to save every penny to pay back loans, all affect physical and mental health too much.

How to opt for a loan and handle it the right way?

You can opt for a loan and handle it the right way with open-eyed smart financial planning. Look at your earnings. See how much you are saving every month. See how much of emergency funds you have accumulated till date. Look at how much you can pay towards loan repayment every month after saving what you do monthly and after spending what you regularly do in a normal curse. This will show you how much you can afford to pay for loan repayment without taking any financial burden.

Normally things do not settle so easily, and every calculation does not get sorted so easily. Considering current interest rates and the loan tenure and the loan amount you will get the actual EMI amount you will have to fill in every month. And then you will have to see the difference between what you planned earlier without taking the financial burden, and practically you will have to do with the real amount you get. Here lies the planning for cost-cutting. To accommodate a loan EMI into your monthly budget, you will have to go into a slight cost-cutting mode. Here, ensure you take a loan which you can afford.

Avoid problems with loan management

If you cannot afford and are driven into too much of cost-cutting to keep aside some important expenses and limit facilities, then it will soon exhaust you mentally. That’s why you must calculate the loan amount which actually can be met without much problem. A loan EMI which makes you sacrifice many of your utilities and facilities, and makes you get into a very stern and exhausting cost-cutting mode for a prolonged period cannot be borne for long.

Any such problem actually puts pressure and stresses your health at the end of the day. The excess stress you take to arrange for the money every month, the stress you take to budget every month and strictly balance expenses to pay back the EMI religiously, are good enough to put your entire system in stress. Still there is an escape for you if you plan it right and execute it right and finally pay back the loan on time. However, if you fail, then you are going to get into a real disaster. It’s not just your reputation and credit score and future financial plans that get affected, but your health and mental peace are totally put to stake. And you even feel miserable when you cannot take care of your health and spend the necessary money on health care, necessary treatment and healing. That is why, it’s vital that you manage your loan on time, plan finances smartly and responsibly, and get educated of debt management measures and read debt consolidation reviews.


Loans are normally taken, and people do plan the future with the help of manageable planned debt. The success depends on how well you plan and execute the plans. And in the process you must safeguard your health throughout, to get the necessary support from within.


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