Paul E

Keeping fit and becoming a healthier person had pretty much hit a wall for me, I found myself going to the gym 3 times a week and not really getting anywhere with it. My lifestyle and the way I was training was not helping with the way I looked and I couldn’t seem to find a solution. I approached Matt, because something had to change. I explained to Matt the problems I was having not only with my fitness and eating but also how it was starting to effect my confidence. We talked through my diet and general lifestyle.

The first few weeks, Matt wanted to see my general fitness levels so he could see just what I was capable of achieving. Every session was a pleasure to work with Matt because he instils so much confidence in you and is desperate for you to achieve your overall goals.

I noticed changes straight away, with my clothes fitting better and the compliments I was getting. I started to see changes all over my body and my overall fitness improved. Each session was challenging with Matt progressing it all the time but the training was fun and varied. I really can’t wait for each session. I have even dropped my gym membership, because Matt has shown me exercises I can do at home and outdoors.

Since I started with Matt, my nutrition, fitness and confidence have all massively improved. Matt’s training techniques do work and he also gets you to think about the right foods to eat at the right times. I used to eat two meals a day, missing breakfast and starving myself and then overeating in the evening.

Matt has shown me if I put the hard work in and stick to a good diet I can achieve my overall goals, and seeing the benefits so far makes me want it more. The progress photos and improving fitness tests every month makes me feel great, also I have to buy smaller clothes.

I would recommend Matt’s services so highly, not only is he a fantastic personal trainer who keeps you motivated in achieving your goals but he also has become a really good friend, and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. Matt gives me the motivation and enthusiasm that I need to succeed.

Paul E