Client Progress

Client Lifestyle Change

The follwing is an analysis of their lifestyle from one of my successful and valued clients. I asked them to bullet point how they felt their training, nutrition and whole lifestyle was before we started training together and then to do the same since we have been training. This makes for interesting reading.



Fantastic Progress

Please see the attached PDF document which shows the fantastic progress that Paul Ellis has made in the 6 months we have been training together.

Paul has lost nearly 10kg in body weight/fat and 3.5 inches from around his waist. He now has much more lean muscle especially in his chest, shoulders and legs and as he said to me recently – he can finally feel and see muscular development in his abdominals.

"He is cheerful, charismatic, enthusiastic, easy to get along with and takes an interest in your life. He will text you several times a week to check on your progress which keeps you motivated."
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