Chiropractic therapy is not physiotherapy: The wonder art for accurate and fast pain relief

There are many myths associated with chiropractic care and treatment. If truth be told, there are mixed reviews on the internet. Opinions are divided between calling it a wonder therapy, a hoax and the common misidentification of the procedure with physiotherapy.

In the following sections, we will carefully go over the advantages of chiropractic therapy and how it is different from the traditional modes of pain treatment. For more information and booking a consultation, please visit Dr Sadlon Chiropractor Rochester.  

So what is chiropractic therapy? You might be asking that. Well, if you do not know already, chiropractic procedures are the unique treatment protocols for your skeletal muscles and spine (neuromuscular) which helps you get rid of various pain and injuries of the neck, back, and spine.

With chiropractic therapy, you can say goodbye to the pain medications which causes side effects due to long term usage. You can avoid invasive surgical procedures and corrective operations by going for chiropractic care. The various advantages of chiropractic care have been listed as the following. Let us have a detailed look.

Ideal to get rid of chronic pain

Most of us suffer from some long term injury. These lead to flaring up of conditions that we associate with chronic pain. We take the same visits to the primary care provider who suggests the same pain medications every time. We pile on harmful drugs and chemicals into our body to treat the symptoms and never the root cause of the symptom. 

Experts have revealed that long term use of pain medications have various debilitating effects on the hormonal, digestive and neuromuscular systems of our body. Instead, the chiropractic therapy deals with the pain and injuries of the neck, lower back, spine, sciatica, ear injuries and frozen shoulders in a more holistic way free of drugs and chemicals.

Treatment at the source

As stated earlier, every time you reach for the over the counter pain medications you are only treating the symptoms. However, chiropractic care addresses the root cause of the symptom so that you can undergo treatment at the source.

If you are thinking of reversing the cause of the pain and treat long term injuries, chiropractic care might be your best bet. The first and foremost treatment through chiropractic care is that of the central nervous system which means the spine. It is the center of all the reflex responses and bodily functions. It ensures that you receive the best care while dealing with any pain or injury.

Chiropractic care complements other treatment methods

Chiropractic care doesn't involve any medication or complicated, invasive procedures. It ensures that you can club your chiropractic treatment with all the traditional modes of treatment. For treating the chronic injury, you might be using oral medications, nerve blocks and Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation as per the doctor's prescription. Now you can go for chiropractic therapy which will complement these treatment protocols, so you don't have to choose one over the other.  

It’s a completely personalized treatment option

Chiropractic practitioners have expertly trained. They don't need to go through formal medical training, but they do have to earn their certificates and gain practical knowledge to treat various injuries and associated pain symptoms.

With chiropractic care, you get proper care and handling of your specific problems as per your nature of complications. All you need to do is openly communicate with your expert about the particularity of the problem you are experiencing. A practitioner is well equipped in dealing with injuries and pain symptoms related to the mobility issues, back injuries, and various spinal issues.

Always avoid misconceptions

There are various misconceptions associated with chiropractic therapy. Some call it the same as physiotherapy. And nothing can be farther from the truth! It is vastly different from physiotherapy, and your entire neuromuscular system is managed and undergoes thorough maintenance with chiropractic therapy.

All the major joint mobility issues including the neck, back, and hip can get treated with chiropractic care. So the next time someone walks up to you to inform your chiropractic care is just for back pain, you can spread the good word. Read and research about various chiropractic therapies before investing and be the best judge.

Chiropractic care for pain management in cancer

Cancer is a severely debilitating terminal disease, and the associated chemotherapy brings on waves of pain on an individual already suffering. If you are providing care for such an individual at home, you should ideally leave no stone unturned trying to give a better quality of life for your loved one.

With chiropractic care, you can now treat the symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. The stress and pain alleviation by treating the nervous along with the musculoskeletal system is the hallmark of the chiropractic therapy. The problems of joint immobility and peripheral neuropathy were seen in individuals who have cancer can be treated through this alternate mode of pain management. Help your loved one in achieving a better quality of life by going for chiropractic care.

Here are a few other worthy mentions when we are talking about chiropractic care advantages,

• A low-risk format of treatment with no invasive procedures or pain medications.• Chiropractic care prevents joint dysfunction. • You can alleviate the pain and stress caused by headaches, gastrointestinal and fertility issues along with menstrual discomforts.

It is essential that you avoid the misconceptions associated with chiropractic care. There are numerous advantages of going for this alternate mode of pain treatment.


Yes, we do understand that it might get a bit difficult trying to choose a professional practice since the market is full of various services offering their unique advantages. Our experts, therefore, recommend you to carefully go over the user review of different practices before choosing one. Look for the professional certification of the practitioner along with a hospital affiliation which will ensure that you get the industry standard care with fewer complications with respect to the treatment safety and medical insurance policies.

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