4 different spa treatments

The following is a guest-blog post from Nick Stokes from Uptown Spa & Massage Toronto (www.uptownspa.com), which is a modern spa in Toronto, Canada. It is an interesting and beneficial read.

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There has never been such demand for spa products and services which can improve quality of our life as well as our well-being and health. Of course, given that spas provide us with sanctuary where we can devote ourselves to health and relaxation, it is only natural that this led to creation of various weird services which can attract attention of different clients. These are our picks for Top 4 different spa treatments.

1. Hay Bath, Italy
Every spa treatment revolves around plants and plant products. While we are enjoying our treatment, we are able to soak all the natural ingredients from various herbs and we will supposedly feel healthy and relaxed. This is the logic in Hay Bath as well, where therapist wraps you in hay which was previously heated. By doing this, we are able to absorb all the natural ingredients restoring health to our body and mind.

2. Healing salt caves, US
In comparison to many other treatments from our list, this treatment is actually becoming quite popular. All you need to do is pay for the privilege of sitting inside of salt cave. Allegedly, salt particles have healing properties and they can improve your immune system. As if that wasn’t enough, it is said that this treatment can heal various diseases such as osteoporosis, pneumonia and different infections.

3. Fire cupping, China
When a health treatment has high potential of inflicting injuries, it probably isn’t the right procedure for wellness spa. Fire cupping is old Chinese treatment involving cups which are put on your skin. Cups themselves can prove to be brutal and debilitating in wrong hands. When you add fire and potential of burns, entire pleasure dissipates and gives room to fear. However, no matter how ridiculous the idea might be, there are numerous clients that visit such spas.

4. Snake massage, Israel
As if snakes weren’t scary enough themselves, imagine putting numerous snakes all over the body. Of course, this treatment is officially good for your health. It is said that snakes are great for relaxing muscles and relieving the pain so this treatment is great for everyone from athletes to people in their golden years.

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