Mark Felix Professional Strongman Interview


The following is an interview with world class strongman Mark Felix, who is a regular entrant at the World’s Strongest Man competition. Mark is renowned for his grip strength and deadlifting. He was born in Grenada and now lives in Lancashire, England.

His career highlights include finishing 4th at the 2006 World’s Strongest Man


  1. What has been the best piece of advice you have received?

I can’t think of any one piece of advice that sticks in my mind, In the sport I’m in, the athletes are always helping each other out, so learn something new every day. Stay true to yourself has been something I’ve kept in mind since competing.


  1. Please could you outline your approach to nutrition and supplements?

Daily diet doesn't change much except when I'm traveling, then it’s a case of what's available, preferably carb's, not always a great choice. I travel with Met-Rx whey shots, & Met-rx meal replacement sachets so I at least have the protein.


At least 5litres of water per day.


7 Wheatabix 1 & a half pints of semi skimmed milk

Met-rx, multi vitamins, Met-rx Creatine, Met-rx Glucosamine, Met-rx Nitropump, Met-rx L-glutamine, Met-rx amino, Met-rx EFA's, Met-Rx BCAA

Morning snack:



Green Tea


wholemeal bread 4 slices with egg, Tuna or cheese & salad filling

Met-Rx Jelly-jello pot

Green tea

Afternoon Snack:

Met-rx Protein shake


Pre training:

Met-Rx amped or Met-rx Isotonic, depending on how much of a kick I need.


Salmon or Chicken with steamed veg or broth

(Treat day warmed Met-Rx Brownie with Ice cream)



Met-rx creatine, Met-rx Glucosamine, Met-rx Nitropump,Met-rx L-glutamine, Met-rx amino, Met-rx EFA's, Met-Rx BCAA,

 2 slices Wholemeal bread toasted with marmalade or Peanut butter


I eat a lot of Fruit & Veg, maybe not as much meat as people may think, I eat every 2 to 3 hours through the day, I burn a lot of calories whilst working, so need to eat smaller amounts regular rather than a big meal occasionally. Evening meal will contain carbs, to last me through the night.

I tend to limit my caffeine intake & use it when I need it, pre -training or on competition days a black coffee does wonders.

Competition day's when we are on to go all day:

 Met-rx RTD's, Whey shots, Bar's, Jelly all easy to consume.


  1. Please could you outline your approach to training?


Please note training does change slightly depending on competitions & events.

I try to maintain the training split body parts as much as possible, so I don't overwork anything or skip anything. Day 1, might not be at the beginning of the week etc.


Training 6 x a week:

I start with a 30minute warm up of circuits, bands, cardio depending on if I’m indoors or out.

I take one rest day a week, this is always different & when I feel I should rest.

Day 1: Legs

4 sets of 5 increasing weight each set

Leg Press, Squat, Front Squat

Leg extensions, Leg Curls

Day 2 : Shoulders/chest

4 sets of 5 increasing weight each set

Dumbbells, incline chest, Flys, cable crossover

Close up grip, Standing overhead dumbbell, bench dips (with someone on my shoulders if around)

Day 3: Cardio

For the past month I’ve had a personal trainer once a week who puts me through my paces for an hour, mostly circuits & core work. This has made me slightly leaner but more balanced with a much quicker recovery. If not with my PT, I do medley's and circuits.

Day 4: Back

3 sets of 5 increasing weight each set

Pull down, Bent over Row, Deadlift. (Im always asked how I train deadlift, its basically how I feel)

Some weeks I might have a 350 max, others a 400, So I just increase with each set, I dont put to much pressure on reaching a certain weight, If Im feeling up to it I lift it , if not I dont even attempt.

Pullups, One arm dumbbell press, Cable rows

Shrugs, Situps

Day 5: Overhead

Currently working on my overhead, so reps increasing weight

Log Press, Dumbbell press, Axle press, Block Press

Day 6:

Event training 4 hours (currently putting this in twice a week & alternating with my overhead)

Cardio Medley's 2sets, in circuits, barbell clean & press, free squat, Tyre box jump.

Followed by events, anything Im training for at the moment each competition is different, so I work only towards my next competition , or on my weaker events.


Allowing all body parts to rest & recover then repeat, I change the exercises every few months with a new program.

I do as much free weights as possible, more standing for core.


Tips: Routine is great, as long as its isn’t prolonged, keep notes of what you achieve etc & your diet sleep or lack of  as  this can really affect your training and outcome.


  1. What advice would you give to anybody wanting to get fit and improve their health?

I’ve always been active, & always will be. I’m 45 now and still improving and getting more personal bests, I would say anyone can start training at any age, just take it slowly not expect results to soon. It isn’t a quick fix it’s a way of life.


  1. From your experience, for instance pre-season training, have you got any tips on how to stay motivated when the training gets tough and challenging?    

I find whenever I need a kick, I change gyms, change my music, change my routine. Go and train differently, with new events, key word being "CHANGE" if you aren’t motivated something needs to change.


  1. What has been the highlight of your career?

People might think I would say achievements, but I would say the traveling & opportunities to meet so many people. What other sport could I do what I love from one end of the planet to another: Siberia, Brazil, China, Iran, Africa, America, Canada, Caribbean, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland … I’m sure I’ve missed somewhere.


I would like to say a big thank you to Mark for taking the time and effort to answer these questions and provide an insight into his professional lifestyle, it is much appreciated. I am sure it will provide a useful insight into the life of a professional athlete and help you to pick up some advice and tips that you can use to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


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