Jo C

Matt Swierzynski was recommended to me by friends and they raved about him.  I was unsure whether it was something I would benefit from as I was running regularly and fairly happy with the level of fitness I had achieved.  However, my running friend and I started with Matt in September 2011, and I can confirm that we both also rave about Matt now too.

How did this happen?  What makes the difference?

Firstly Matt is a really nice bloke – he is kind and thoughtful with an amazing (and limitless) enthusiasm for fitness, progress and transformation. Matt is very knowledgeable; we ask him all sorts of random questions and have never stumped him so far!   He also has the ability to recognize when you are having a bad day and adapts your programme accordingly (and puts up with us off-loading).  He is genuinely proud of you and your achievements and reminds you to remember to pat yourself on the back too.  He also will advise on nutrition and other activities you can try on your own but importantly he never pushes this information – you just get it as and when you need it or ask for it.  At first I didn’t like ‘checking in’ by text but now I can see the benefits of having this and make full use of Matt to encourage me to keep on track.

We both read the running mags and knew what we should do to improve – but both hated the thought of circuits or going to the gym. Without Matt we would never have made the progress we have; I can see now that we were stuck in a bit of a rut and needed nudging out of it.  He keeps moving us on and we love the challenge. We are stronger, fitter and leaner than we have ever been and look forward to our sessions with Matt.  Our proudest (and shallowest) moments are all related to having arms that get exclamations of admiration – bring on those summer vests! 

Jo Conlon

June 2012