Caroline D

Before I started training with Matt, I thought I was fairly fit as I was a regular gym goer! But like all of us who go to the gym, I used to turn up, do what I thought was good for me and come home. However, I was not making any progress and was not really enjoying my training. Matt was recommended by a friend back in July 2011 and I was a little apprehensive at first.

However, this apprehension was soon replaced by confidence. Matt has given me a completely different outlook to training. I cancelled my gym membership within a month of training with Matt and now still have regular training sessions with Matt whilst also doing my own exercise sessions. I am now much fitter and stronger and my body shape has changed significantly for the better. I am far more toned and even the bingo wings have disappeared and have been replaced with nicely toned arms.

What I have achieved with Matt, I know is not something I would’ve achieved by training on my own.