Squat Thrusts

#1Minutechallenge for July - Squat Thrusts

Who is up for a challenge? Who is ready to test themselves?

For July, the #1MinuteChallenge is Squat Thrusts. Please see my 'Give it a Go - Squat Thrusts' exercise series.

Squat Thrusts provide a great core workout, challenges your Cardiovascular System and works your lower body.

Give it a Go - Squat Thrusts

Squat Thrusts are a great whole body exercise, which provide a great core workout, challenge your Cardiovascular System and work your upper body and in particular lower body muscles. Whilst your leg muscles are doing most of the work by jumping back and forward, your arms, chest, shoulders and abdominals are getting a workout from holding the position and keeping you stable. Being able to do squat thrusts correctly is a great test of your strength, cardiovascular fitness and is something many people struggle with. Squat Thrusts will challenge you and are a vigorous exercise.

"Matt has been really accommodating as I bring my baby with me each week, so he incorporates exercises using my pram. My little one loves being out and Matt is great with him! I can't recommend Matt highly enough to mums who want to get their fitness back."
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