Sue F

I started training with Matt as I wanted someone to motivate me and to be accountable to. I didn’t want to pay expensive gym fees where you are tied into contracts that are difficult to get out of. Matt personalises training sessions to the individual and no two sessions are the same. He is cheerful, charismatic, enthusiastic, easy to get along with and takes an interest in your life. He will text you several times a week to check on your progress which keeps you motivated. Matt will customise your training to help you work towards your goals and plan your training between sessions with him to keep you going. I can recommend Matt as a personal trainer to anyone who is keen to improve their fitness.

  • Great work mate - was Kelly in there too mate?! 😉 😂 7 hours 24 min ago
  • Inspired shout out to after our usual awesome teamwork PT session. Rocked it as always mate, great circ… 3 days 4 hours ago