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Personal Training makes you look good and feel great. My role is to provide you with the tools for you to achieve this. If you are committed and have the desire, try your best, think outside of the box and have a bit of fun you can achieve your health and fitness goals. Live life in the active lane. Little active steps taken today, lead to giant progress strides tomorrow.


"Together we'll achieve your goals"

  • Posted on: 30 Oct 2011 - 21:30
      "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success": Alexander Graham Bell. In order to achieve your health and fitness goals, preparation is crucial. This is especially true with regard to your nutrition. This image shows my daily nutritional preparation with numerous tupperware and storage tubs, which I put my meals and snacks in for the day ahead. I prepare this the evening before and it usually does not take me more than 10-15mins. By doing this I know exactly what I am eating and 'fueling' myself with and also I can easily access my food and have a snack every 2-3 hours. This ensures that I am not going to eat the 'wrong' foods if I get hungry e.g. empty calories like sweets, cakes, crisps etc, and also ensures that I am not...
  • Posted on: 29 Oct 2011 - 11:59
    This image shows me Lunging whilst raising my arms to the side. Lunges provide a fantastic workout for the legs, hips and glutes and also for the core muscles. You can vary the lunge in so many ways, for instance, you can do them with your arms at your side, with your arms raised to the side (as in the image), with your arms above your head etc. Raising your arms whilst performing lunges challenges your core muscles to stabilise your body and provides a great workout for your Cardiovascular System. It also helps to develop your co-ordination and balance. Lunging is a great exercise to incorporate into a circuit training session. The key to it is to ensure you have a 90 degree bend in your front and back knee, that your back knee does not...
  • Posted on: 27 Oct 2011 - 18:59
    This image shows me doing press ups whilst having one of my legs raised. This is a great progession from a 'normal' press up. This type of press up provides a fantastic workout for the arms, shoulders and chest and also for the core muscles (especially front abdominals and lower back). Raising one leg whilst performing press ups challenges your core muscles to stabilise your body and provides a good workout for your Cardiovascular System. It also helps to develop your co-ordination and balance. As a starter aim to do 4-6 reps with either leg raised. The image is only for illustrative purposes and obviously does not show the full sequence of the move. So please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require any help and advice. Also,...
  • Posted on: 27 Oct 2011 - 15:01
    This is what I had for a snack today (about 2 and a half hours after my lunch): 2 oat cakes and a handul of Almonds, Walnuts and Rasins along with a Pear and a glass of water. The oat cakes provided the slow releasing carbohydrates and energy and the nuts provided the good healthy fats and the protein. This did not take long to prepare (20 seconds) and it kept my energy levels up  and ensured that by time I had my next meal 3 hours later I would not over eat on the wrong foods.   Matt
  • Posted on: 26 Oct 2011 - 20:10
    Last weekend, whilst training a client outside, I was challenged to run up a steep hill banking. The banking is approximately 20 meters in length and we estimate somewhere between a 1 in 2 to 1 in 3 incline with a very slippy gravel and sand underfoot. The image does not do the elevation and steepness of the hill any justice. I was pleased to take up the challenge and pleased to report that I got to the top with a little slip along the way, which required a lot of leg and arm drive and core strength. I was determed to make it to the top, as had a I not, my client would not have let me forget about it!! Keep up the great work Matt
  • Posted on: 24 Oct 2011 - 15:37
    This is what I had for lunch today: Salad consisting of Spinach, Peppers, Carrots, small Jacket Potatoe, Chicken and Poached eggs. Excellent source of lean Protien from the Chicken and Eggs and Carbohydrates, Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals from the vegetables and Jacket Potatoe. Nutritious meal that did not take long to make and tasted great. It kept my energy levels up long into the afternoon and ensured that by time I had my next snack 3 hours later I would not over eat on the wrong foods. Also, see the following link to a good article from MSN Health on foods to eat that help to speed up your metabolism: Matt
  • Posted on: 23 Oct 2011 - 21:50
    The following are links to some great websites/magazines that provide a variety of health and fitness advice, information and tips, ranging from nutrition to training to recovery. I have listed them under the main audience that they target, men or women. However, regardless of which audience you fall into, they all provide lots of great information so I would recommend that you get into the routine of checking/reading them all. Men Women   Matt  
  • Posted on: 22 Oct 2011 - 16:34
    I want to say a big thank you to a few people who have helped me develop my website and bring it to life: 1. To Danny Johnson at Ashworth Marketing for providing a professional service and constantly providing advice and feedback: 2. To all of my clients, past and present, for your feedback and suggestions and your kind testimonial words 3. To M & C Wilson for your photography expertise and to P Bodsworth for your creative and innovative ideas. Here is to a successful future for us all "Together we will achieve your goals" Matt
  • Posted on: 21 Oct 2011 - 21:18
    This was a great idea that a client suggested about taking photographs of your food to identify your portion sizes. As the client said to me "there are salads" and "AND THEN THERE ARE SALADS". In other words, portion size and control is crucial as you could eat 'healthy' food but if you eat huge portion sizes and over eat you will not lose weight/fat in fact you could put it on. Here is a photo that my client sent me of their food, simple dinner meal of Jacket potatoe (Carbohydrates), Beans and Tuna (Protein). Nutritious, quick to make and filling. Great for keeping you full and keeping your energy levels buzzing. Nutrition is the key to success. Matt
  • Posted on: 19 Oct 2011 - 20:19
    Today the weather was wet and windy outside, so we trained in a client’s garage instead - using step ladder, skipping rope, boxing equipment and 8kg dumbbells. We did a fantastic workout circuit that my client said pushed him really hard and gave him a great whole body workout. The main workout consisted of the following: Spider Press ups Burpees Skipping Plank with arm/leg movements Boxing Ladder climbing Shoulder Presses Mountain Climbers Each exercise was 30-45 seconds and we rested for 30-45 seconds at the end of the circuit and did it 2 times fully with a few individual exercises at the end e.g. lunges and Kangaroo Jumps. Most of the exercises involved high intensity body weight exercises and the circuit provided a great fat burning...


"After cancelling my gym membership and instead training with Matt I have changed to a more nutritious diet, which I am feeling healthier from and my body is changing shape to a more toned physique."
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