Kickboxing Your Way to a New You

Fix have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with tips and advice on Kickboxing and how it can help us with our health and fitness and weight loss. This blog summarises the detailed article on Kickboxing  as written by Susie Lemmer.

Get Toned for Summer

The following is a concise and informative Infographic on ways to get toned for summer from ( written by Andrea Metcale which explains some simple tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine to help get you beach body ready just in time for summer!


Making room in your home for a dedicated exercise space

We know the benefits of regular and targeted exercise. For many of us though, this commitment around work and home life can become burdensome, particularly for those who have to travel to their gym, or have to fit an exercise schedule around the family routine.

"I would strongly recommend Matt to anyone that is serious about leading a healthier life. Exercising with Matt come rain or shine is always good fun and some great ‘me’ time!”"
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