Kickboxing Your Way to a New You

Mental & Physical benefits of Kickboxing
How to Punch
Basic Kickboxing Moves

Fix have produced a definitive guide via an infographic with tips and advice on Kickboxing and how it can help us with our health and fitness and weight loss. This blog summarises the detailed article on Kickboxing  as written by Susie Lemmer. Thank you to Katelyn Green for providing this article and infographics.

Please click on the 3 infographic images to enlarge them and see a wide variety of information and concise detail on Kickboxing. The first infographic highlights the mental and physical benefits of Kickboxing. The second infographic gives advuce on how we should punch. The third infographic provides examples of Kickboxing moves and exercises.

Whether we are looking to unleash some stress, in a fun environment or wanting to improve our body composition and get fitter, Kickboxing will provide a great dynamic, fun and high-energy workout. As the infographic shows, Kickboxing will help to:

- Relieve Stress

- Increase Confidence

- Improve body composition and strength

- Increase fitness levels

- Improve Balance, Flexibility, Co-ordination and Reaction Time.

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