Press up with leg raised

This image shows me doing press ups whilst having one of my legs raised. This is a great progession from a 'normal' press up. This type of press up provides a fantastic workout for the arms, shoulders and chest and also for the core muscles (especially front abdominals and lower back). Raising one leg whilst performing press ups challenges your core muscles to stabilise your body and provides a good workout for your Cardiovascular System. It also helps to develop your co-ordination and balance. As a starter aim to do 4-6 reps with either leg raised.

Climbing a Hill

Last weekend, whilst training a client outside, I was challenged to run up a steep hill banking. The banking is approximately 20 meters in length and we estimate somewhere between a 1 in 2 to 1 in 3 incline with a very slippy gravel and sand underfoot. The image does not do the elevation and steepness of the hill any justice. I was pleased to take up the challenge and pleased to report that I got to the top with a little slip along the way, which required a lot of leg and arm drive and core strength.

Great Circuit

Today the weather was wet and windy outside, so we trained in a client’s garage instead - using step ladder, skipping rope, boxing equipment and 8kg dumbbells. We did a fantastic workout circuit that my client said pushed him really hard and gave him a great whole body workout. The main workout consisted of the following:


"My physique has changed for the better and I now have much more energy to tackle day-to-day activities. Unlike dreading trips to the gym, I look forward to every session with Matt."
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