The Complete Guide to Calories

The Complete Guide to Calories

Informative, detailed and thought-provoking infographic from Greatist that discusses and highlights all things Calories including:

- How many calories are in each 1 gram of Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates 

- How to determine our Daily Calorie Intake

- Not all Calories are created equal

- Losing or gaining weight 

Calories are a unit of energy and they measure the energy that our bodies use for fuel and also power the vital processes that keep us alive like breathing and pumping blood around our bodies.

As the infographic shows Fat has the most calories per 1 gram with 9 whilst Protein and Carbohydrates both have 4 calories. It also suggests that our daily diet (depending on age, gender, Activity levels etc) should be made up of:

- 10-25% Protein

- 20-35% Fats

- 45-65% Carbohydrates 

The infographic shows that Protein are crucial for growth and tissue repair. Carbohydrates are the bodies main source of energy and Fats are vital for cell, nerve and hormone production.

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