Great informative, beneficial and concise infographic from MyFitnessPal which looks at Carbohydrates. The infographic shows:

1) The Soucres of Food - from fruit and vegetables to breads and pasta to milk and cheese.

2) How our Body uses Carbohydrates - it is turned into glucose to provide us with energy and how glucose is used for energy during exercise and for energy for the brain and how and where glucose is stored.

3) Types of Carbohydrates - Complex and Simple. The infographic shows that complex carbohydrates are slow to digest and increase satiety, result in gradual, steady insulin increase and contain fire, vitamins/minerals and nutrients. The infographic also shows that simple carbohydrates are quicker to digest, lead to a faster insulin increase and lack fibre and nutritents.

The infographic from MyFitnessPal also suggests that we should eat and drink more nutrient-rich foods and complex carbohydrates and also crucially we should look for a ratio of 10:1 of carbohydrates to fibre when choosing and planning meals.

High 5,



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