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Sole F85 Treadmill. Picture from

I was pleased when Lexi Watkins from contacted me to see whether I would be interested in sharing the extensive and detailed research they had done on Treadmills, with the aim of finding which is the 'best' one. has conducted research on 65 treadmills designed for a living room and not a gym.

They compared their specifications and features; evaluated each machine for its versatility, portability, and technology. They also activiely tested each of their top picks by running at maximum speeds and maximum inclines.

Lexi informs me that the aim was to find the 'best' treadmill for both runners and walkers mat by focusing on the Treadmills:

- Speed and Incline: The Treadmills that scored the highest have speeds up to 12mph, inclined up to 15% and the option to decline run.

- Maximum Weight: The Treadmills that scored the highest were able to take over 400lbs in weight.

- Running Surface Area: The Treadmills that scored the highest had running areas of 60 inches or longer and widths of 35 inches or more. also looked at the features available on the Treadmills such as the Health Display (heart rate, pace, distance, calories burned), Touchscreen Panel, WiFi Connection and MP3 player compatibility. 

The results of their investigation and research is that:

1) Best Overall Treadmill - SOLE F85

2) Most Immersive Experience Treadmill - Horizon T9

3) Best Race Preparation Treadmill - Freemotion 2500 GS

It seems the 'best' Treadmill is personal to each person and one that makes you comfortable, relaxed and challenges you whilst also  being easy to use and portable.

The full article, tests and results from can be found by clicking here. You can also click on the images in this blog to enlarge them.

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