'Best' Pre-Workout Supplements

'Best' Pre-Workout Supplements, Image from Reviews.com
'Best' Pre-Workout Supplements, Image from Reviews.com
'Best' Pre-Workout Supplements, Image from Reviews.com

I  was pleased when Lexi Watkins from Reviews.com contacted me to see whether I would be interested in sharing the extensive and detailed research they had done on Workout supplements, with the aim of finding which is the 'best' one. Review.com recognised that no pill or powder is "going to beat a healthy diet and good night's sleep". But for that extra little boost, the "best pre-workout supplements will have a mix of clinically proven ingredients, like creatine and beta-alanine to super-charge anaerobic strength, and caffeine and citrulline to improve endurance"..

Review.com chose the 'best' pre-workout supplement by eliminating supplements with:

- Potentially harmful, dangerous or banned substances

- Proptritary Blends 

- More than 200g of Caffeine

- Artificial Colours, Sweeteners and other junk our bodies don't need

The results of their research into the 'best' pre-Workout supplement was that:

1) Best Overall Pre-workout Supplements - Gnarly Pump

2) Best Caffeine Free Supplement - S.A.N. CM2 Supreme 

3) Best For Low-Intensity Workouts - Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer 

It seems the 'best' Pre-Workout Suppplement can’t replace a balanced and healthy diet, but it can help to provide us with that extra boost we need and crave. As Reviews.com says "Look for clinically proven ingredients like creatine, nitric oxide boosters, and a moderate amount of caffeine, and skip junk like artificial colors, sweeteners, steroids, and and banned substances".

The full article, tests and results from Reviews.com can be found by clicking here. You can also click on the images from a Reviews.com in this blog to enlarge them. Please note that the information and results in this blog and article are from Reviews.com and is not the opinions and results of research by Matt Swaz Fitness.

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